Keith wanted to update his website with images.  We decided to do a simple collaborative exercise to bring his ideas into focus. We started asking questions. When you think of a professional image, who comes to mind? His answer, “Sir Richard Branson”. So we looked him up online. He wears black suits with with starched shirts open at the neck. This was to be our wardrobe.

The next question asked, was what was being said with the images. Most of his business is conducted via the phone and internet. So he wants his clients to have an idea of who he is. We wrote down a bunch of descriptive words and narrowed them down to the three most important. Which  are ENTREPRENEUR – MUSICIAN – WATERMAN. So we were ready to decide on how best to translate these ideas in the images. The Musician was the easiest, he grabbed his Bass. We ended up flipping this image to be the left image for his triptic.

Then we did a series of Portraits for the Entrepreneur. I love side light for portraits as seen below.


The Waterman had us dragging a really cool Vintage Board onto the set to get just the right feel. As you can see this image needed to be cropped. This was the first image we took with the surfboard. It also has the most “real” expression.

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