I have been working with Anastasia for years. She has always been one of my very favorite Muses. Her ability to relax and be natural in front of the camera has led to many successful shoots together. We had spoken of doing some images  for just her that were reminiscent of her home here in West Marin. She is moving to the Islands soon and was becoming melencoloy. When shooting with models, my main focus is on empowering my subject so they feel natural. Since we have a long history,  and she trusts me. I was able to have fun and shoot what I saw. The following images are from this shoot. It was incredibly windy this day and so we chose to use the environment to our advantage. We had natural fans to blow her lovely hair around. By adapting, we were able to get several images that simply would not be possible without the gale force winds. Another thing about the wind…it made me seek locations were we could get a small reprieve. Which made me look at the location in a totally different way. Perspective is everything my friends!